Product Description

Print on your plastic cards… again and again !

Tattoo RW is the ultimate solution to print temporary or up-datable cards. It is the ideal solution to revise and reprint within seconds:

  • Visitor badges and access control badge
  • Transit passes , travel cards
  • Holiday and leisure resorts passes
  • Loyalty cards
  • Membership cards
  • Student IDs

With Tattoo RW, your cards are updated whenever required, while a same card can be erased, revised and printed anew up to 500 times.

Rewritable printing? How does it work? Why do you need it?

Tattoo RW is a ribbon-free printer that uses rewritable cards. Such cards contain a thermochromatic material that turns visible, or vanishes, according to the applied temperature.

The RW technology is ideal whenever your data often change for a same holder or when you want to re-use a same card for different persons :

  • Loyalty cards : change the loyalty point statement, add personalized promotions and special offers directly on the card
  • Visitor badges :  re-use the same badge with a different name, company name and visit date.
  • Holiday or ski resort:  re-use a same badge for different customers and change the name, the photo, a barcode or a validity date
  • Membership cards : change the validity date or add options
  • Student cards : you can use one single card for a same student for his/her whole stay at the university. You just need to change the validity date and course.

Thanks to this reversible process, you can erase and print on the same card up to 500 times.

Bring advanced technologies to your cards!
Tattoo RW can encode on magnetic stripes or on contactless chips. Thanks to the rewritable technology, this data can also be displayed and updated on the card surface.

Choose a cost-efficient solution
This revolutionary rewritable technology requires no ribbon, which translates into valuable savings. No need to throw away your cards each time you need an update: erase and reprint only updated data on your existing card!