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Fotodek Bio

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  • Completely biodegradable under the right conditions
  • Cards are 760 micron, BIO PVC resin
  • All cards manufactured to ISO standards – CR80 size 85.60 x 53.98mm
  • Card surfaces are clean and scratch and burr free
  • Cards are wrapped in 100’s, and supplied in clean, dust-free, anti-static packaging
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Product Description

These environmentally friendly Fotodek Bio cards are made from biodegradable PVC resin. When introduced into a fertile environment, the breakdown process starts; completing in 1 to 5 years.

The material allows very high quality image reproduction with various personalisation processes as it is PVC rather than an alternative product, and is finished using our unique FOTODEK® quality brand procedures.

When designing the artwork for a BIOpvc® card it is recommended to include a reference to its biodegradability by using either the recycle motive with the text “BIO” in the centre along with FOTODEK® as a symbol of quality and assurance.

Product Code Material Size/Gauge Finish Magnetic Stripe
WF76-BIO BIOpvc® Resin CR80/760 micron Gloss FOTODEK® No
WF76-LC-BIO BIOpvc® Resin CR80/760 micron Gloss FOTODEK® Lo-Co 300oe
WF76-H27-BIO BIOpvc® Resin CR80/760 micron Gloss FOTODEK® Hi-Co 2750oe