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Fotodek Solid Core

£14.00£18.30 ex. VAT

  • Cards are 760 micron, 100% PVC
  • All cards manufactured to ISO standards
  • FOTODEK® finish for hign print quality
  • CR80 size 85.60 x 53.98mm
  • Card surfaces are clean and scratch and burr free
  • Cards are wrapped in 100’s, and supplied in clean, dust-free, anti-static packaging
  • Coloured core creates a stylish & modern appearance
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Product Description

An attractive and stylish range of coloured cards with solid coloured core, including metallic coloured and magnetic stripe options from stock.

Other colours, magnetic stripe and Pantone® matched options are also available by special order – MOQs may apply.

Product Code Finish Magnetic Stripe Colour Nearest Pantone® Reference
CR76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Biscotti Cream 7506
LB76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Vintage Summer 297
RB76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Pacific Blue 2945
RB76-H27-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® Hi-Co 2750oe Pacific Blue 2945
DB76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Twilight Blue 295
DB76-H27-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® Hi-Co 2750oe Twilight Blue 295
GR76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Emerald 3415
GR76-H27-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® Hi-Co 2750oe Emerald 3415
YL76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Canary Yellow 102
YL76-H27-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® Hi-Co 2750oe Canary Yellow 102
PK76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Marshmallow 1767
RD76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Pillarbox 200
RD76-H27-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® Hi-Co 2750oe Pillarbox 200
OR76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Island Orange 21
BY76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Claret 208
PU76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Crocus 2587
GY76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Battleship Grey 422
BK76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Onyx Black Black
BK76-H27-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® Hi-Co 2750oe Onyx Black Black
SI76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Quicksilver 877
SI76-H27-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® Hi-Co 2750oe Quicksilver 877
LG76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Liquid Gold 871
LG76-H27-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® Hi-Co 2750oe Liquid Gold 871
DG76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Ballroom Gold 875
DG76-H27-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® Hi-Co 2750oe Ballroom Gold 875
BZ76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Ancient Bronze 8062
CL76-A-SC Gloss FOTODEK® No Crystal Clear N/A
CLM76-A-SC Matt FOTODEK® No Frosted Glass N/A