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Promag Portable MIFARE® Data Collector

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Product Description

Portable MIFARE RFID data capture for school/college attendance, events access control and other applications

The PCR200 MFR200 are compact, portable mobile data capture and portable mobile data capture device designed to work indoors or outdoors.

Both devices are well suited to many different applications such as schools/colleges Student Enrolment, events access, exhibitions attendee tracking, Person Tracking, Stadium Access work sites or offices.

The PCR200 and MFR200 come with user friendly software to configure the device and the whitelist feature which can be used to identify and allow/deny admission for events, access control or work shifts etc.

The battery powered readers scan MIFARE or Felica RFID contactless cards and can show not only the scanned card/tag number but also associated user configured (whitelisted) names and descriptions.

RFID Card: MFR200: 13.56Mhz MIFARE Classic (1K/4K), MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE DESFire

RFID Card: PCR200: 125Khz, Manchester Coding
LED Status Indicator: Green/Red LED for operation and battery status.
LCD Display: FSTN 101×67 dots
Memory size: 2MB (User configurable)
Battery power: Single-cell AAA 1.5V DC
Power supply from cable: DC5V, 200mA
Interface: USB or RS232
Safety Certificate: FCC/CE
Dimensions: L58 x D20 x H47mm
Operation Temp: 0~55 deg C
Humidity: 10~90% relative

Ordering information
MFR200R – RS232 interface MFR200U – USB Interface

PCR200R – RS232 interface PCR200U – USB Interface

MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B.V.

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Promag RFID Mobile Access Control