Businesses of all sizes often require labels to place on their goods and services to display key information and logos for consumers, suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders.

Sophisticated digital label printers are now available that enable businesses to have greater control over the design and production process. If you’re considering whether purchasing a digital label printer is the right move for your organisation, here are three benefits you could achieve by investing.

  1. Quicker printing 

The traditional printing process typically involves designing a label, ordering the label and then going back and forth with the printing company until you’re completely happy with the outcome. You’ll then need to wait for the finished product to arrive.

Owning a digital label printer allows you to complete all these steps in-house. Design changes can be made immediately to your exact specifications and the labels themselves are produced quickly and efficiently.

Print smaller runs 

A digital label printer allows businesses to print a lower number of labels with each run, which benefits smaller firms releasing fewer products.

Organisations can also test the waters with limited edition ranges without going through the long-winded process of ordering from an off-site commercial printer.

  1. Lower costs 

Outsourcing label printing can be a considerable expense, especially for smaller companies that don’t always benefit from economies of scale. By having digital printing capabilities in-house, businesses can optimise their runs and lower costs.

You can also improve your inventory management for labels, preventing a build-up of unwanted, unused labels that you were required to purchase as part of a large run from a print company.